FAQ: What Two Years Appear On The Illinois Flag?

What are the two dates on the Illinois flag?

In the eagle’s beak there is a banner with the state motto, “State Sovereignty, National Union.” The dates on the seal, 1818 and 1868, represent the year Illinois became a state and the year in which the Great Seal was redesigned by Sharon Tyndale.

When was the word Illinois added to the flag?

A bill to amend the original Flag Act of 1915, adding the word “Illinois” to the flag, was signed into law by Gov. Richard B. Ogilvie in September 1969. Ogilvie then appointed a committee to develop specifications for the new state flag to ensure uniformity of design and color in its reproduction by flag makers.

In what year did the bald eagle become the state seal of Illinois?

Beneath the bald eagles talon is a rock on which it stands that bears the date of Illinois being admitted to the union (1818) and the date of the state seal (1868). The ground around the boulder symbolizes the rich soil of this prairie state.

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How old is the Illinois state flag?

Illinois has had two official state flags. The first was officially adopted on July 6, 1915, after a vigorous campaign by Mrs. Ella Park Lawrence, State Regent of the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R).

What is the nickname of Illinois?

Meaning of the Flag The state’s seal was based upon the design of the seal of the United States. It features an eagle with a banner that has the state’s motto: State Sovereignty, National Union. It also features the date of 1818, which is when Illinois became a state.

What kind of bird is on the Illinois flag?

Illinois State Bird – Northern Cardinal The cardinal was chosen in 1929. Illinois schoolchildren voted for the State Bird.

How many constitutions has Illinois had?

Illinois has had four constitutions: one from 1818 to 1848, another from 1848 to 1870, a third from 1870 to 1970, and finally our current constitution.

What is the official bird of Illinois?

It had horizontal white-blue-white stripes with 20 blue stars and one large white star, representing Illinois’s position as the 21st state to join the Union.

Why is there a bald eagle on the Illinois flag?

Flag History: The bald eagle represents the United States. In the eagle’s claws is a shield with thirteen bars and thirteen stars, this represents the first thirteen states. The two dates on the boulder are the dates of Statehood and of the State Seal. The ground around it symbolizes the state’s rich prairie soil.

Who designed the Illinois state seal in use today?

This First Great Seal of Illinois was used until 1839 when it was recut. The new version became the Second Great Seal. Secretary of State Sharon Tyndale was responsible for creating the seal in use today. In January 1867, he told Senator Allen C.

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What is Illinois known for?

Here are a few.

  • 9 things Illinois is known for. Illinois is one of the most populated states in the country, albeit getting smaller, according to recent U.S. Census results.
  • Chicago. This one is a no-brainer.
  • Lincoln.
  • Corruption.
  • Famous foods.
  • Farming.
  • Taxes.
  • More presidents: Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama and Ulysses Grant.

What number state is Illinois?

Illinois became the 21st state on December 3, 1818.

Who designed the first Illinois state flag?

Sanford Hutchinson designed the new flag and it became the official state flag in 1970. In 1918, Wallace Rice designed a centennial flag for the state of Illinois. The field had three horizontal stripes of white, blue and white.

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