FAQ: When Are Illinois Restaurants Opening?

Can restaurants reopen in Illinois?

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker Targets June 11 to Fully Reopen Restaurants and Bars.

Is dine in open in Illinois?

Two months after state officials halted indoor dining, portions of Illinois can now resume on-premise, indoor service as Gov. J.B. Pritzker and the health department have loosened COVID-19 restrictions.

Can you eat inside restaurants in Illinois?

20 to combat a surge in COVID-19 cases, prohibit all indoor dining and drinking at bars and restaurants and limit the number of people who can be inside other businesses at one time. Bars that serve customers indoors under Tier 1 must also sell food, according to the state’s plan.

What phase is Illinois in for restaurants?

A day after the anniversary, Gov. J.B. Pritzker revealed a path toward fully reopening bars and restaurants. On Thursday, March 18, during a media briefing, Pritzker introduced a “bridge phase” toward Phase 5 — the final stage of the state’s COVID-19 recovery plan that would allow business to fully reopen.

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What are the restrictions in Illinois for restaurants?

There are no longer restrictions in place on various operations at restaurants/bars/events. Restrictions on table sizes, standing areas, dance floors, self-serve buffets, condiment placement, etc. no longer apply. Businesses are not required to enforce that unvaccinated people wear masks in their establishment.

Are masks mandatory in Illinois?

All businesses, indoor and outdoor, may require all persons, vaccinated or not, to wear face coverings.

Can you dine in in Illinois now?

Restaurants and some bars in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs can resume indoor dining starting today, as on Saturday morning the Illinois Department of Public Health officially gave all of Cook County its blessing to restart on-premise service.

Are Tier 2 restaurants open?

Restaurants are permitted to open under the new Tier 2 restrictions, however with extra guidance and restrictions. Venues must ensure they are ‘COVID-secure’ and you will not be able to dine in more than groups of six.

Is polygamy allowed in Illinois?

Illinois, like all states, prefers monogamy and has outlawed bigamy and polygamy. Bigamy and polygamy are crimes in this state.

What capacity are Illinois restaurants at?

Under the current Bridge Phase, restaurants, not including those in Chicago, must seat patrons at least 6 feet apart, and parties must consist of 10 people or fewer. Capacity is limited to 30% indoors and 50% outdoors.

Can you eat inside Chicago restaurants?

Here’s what to know before you go: Chicago restaurants are open for indoor dining at 50% capacity or 50 diners maximum per room (whichever is less), with a six person per table limit. Only establishments that serve food are currently open for indoor seating. Patrons must wear masks when not seated and dining.

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What phase is Illinois in today?

PHASE 5: ILLINOIS RESTORED All sectors of the economy reopen with new health and hygiene practices permanently in place. Large gatherings of all sizes can resume.

What is Tier 2 in Illinois Covid?

As detailed in the July 15 Restore Illinois resurgence plan, Tier 2 mitigations may be applied if a region’s positivity rate remains above the 8 percent positivity threshold after 14 days under Tier 1 mitigations.

Are gatherings allowed in Illinois?

Restaurants can open with limited capacity and following strict public health procedures, including personal protective equipment for employees. Gatherings with 50 people or fewer will be permitted. Testing is widely available, and tracing is commonplace.

Are weddings allowed in Illinois?

To be clear, weddings are allowed during the current reopening phase in Illinois. In the age of COVID-19 restrictions, weddings are allowed in Illinois – but capacity is limited to 50 people or 50 percent of the room’s capacity, whichever is lower. Dance floors are also to remain closed.

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