FAQ: When Does Deer Hunting Season Start In Illinois?

When did deer hunting start in Illinois?

Lawmakers hurriedly passed the first game laws, but it was too late. Hunting seasons were closed, and it would be 50 years before White-tailed Deer recovered sufficiently for the first modern hunting season to be instituted in 1957.

How many deer tags can you get in Illinois?

In IL you have to be careful with language. You can legally take only 2 “antlered” deer. You can take unlimited bucks as long as only 2 are antlered.

Can you kill 2 bucks with a bow in Illinois?

Residents can shoot 2 bucks. They can shoot one with a bow, and one with a gun.. Or..they can use their second buck tag in archery season, then no gun hunting for a buck. Non-residents do NOT have that option.

What guns can you hunt with in Illinois?

Legal Firearms

  • Shotguns, loaded with slugs only, of not larger than 10 gauge nor smaller than 20 gauge, not capable of firing more than 3 consecutive slugs; or.
  • Single or double barreled muzzleloading rifles of at least.45 caliber shooting a single projectile through a barrel of at least sixteen inches in length; or.
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How many acres do you need to hunt in Illinois?

It combines current provisions for deer, turkey and combination hunting licenses to Illinois landowners residing in Illinois who own at least 40 acres of Illinois land and wish to hunt upon their land only, resident tenants of at least 40 acres of commercial agricultural land where they will hunt and bona fide equity

Is it illegal to shoot a white deer in Illinois?

Albino deer are illegal to hunt and harvest in Illinois. The deer killed will likely be preserved and displayed at Kankakee River State Park.

Are deer overpopulated in Illinois?

Illinois Deer: A nearly stable population from 2013 to 2019 of around 645,000 to 670,000 deer with a modest upward trend following a large decline from 2012 when the population was about 775,000. About 670,000 in 2019, 665,000 in 2018, 660,000 in 2017 and 650,000 deer in 2016 based on hunting data.

Which state has the largest population of deer?

According to a 2015 deer population estimate by North American Whitetail magazine, here are the states with the largest deer populations:

  • Texas: Estimated population of 4 million.
  • Alabama: Estimated population of 1.8 million.
  • Mississippi: Estimated population of 1.8 million.
  • Missouri: Estimated population of 1.3 million.

Is Illinois a 2 buck state?

ILLINOIS BAG LIMITS: A non resident deer hunter may take two bucks and unlimited does. One buck must be taken with a bow and one with a gun or muzzleloader.

How many bucks can you kill in IL?

BAG LIMIT: One deer per legally authorized permit. No hunter, regardless of the quantity or type of permits in his/her possession, may harvest more than 2 antlered deer during a year, including the Youth, Archery, Muzzleloader and Firearm Seasons.

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Can you carry a pistol while bow hunting in Illinois?

The state Department of Natural Resources wants to remind hunters they can’t always conceal carry while hunting. No handguns of any kind are allowed during archery season.

Is it illegal to shoot an albino deer in Illinois?

It is illegal to shoot and kill a completely albino deer in Illinois. If there is any brown on the a white deer, it is not considered completely albino and is not protected in Illinois.

Where is the best deer hunting in Illinois?

Best Deer Hunting Areas in Illinois

  • Calhoun County — 9.8 deer killed per square mile.
  • Pike County — 9.1.
  • Brown County — 8.0.
  • Pope County — 7.6.
  • Hardin County — 7.3.
  • Jefferson County — 7.1.
  • Johnson County — 6.8.
  • Williamson — 6.5.

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