FAQ: Where Is Ottawa Illinois On A Map?

Is Ottawa Illinois a good place to live?

Overall Ottawa is a fantastic and family friendly place to live. The businesses in Ottawa are great. There is everything you need here. A Walmart, Kroger, Aldi, and many downtown pizza places, restaurants, and shops.

What is Ottawa Illinois known for?

Ottawa is known as the scenic gateway to Starved Rock State Park, the most popular state park in Illinois, with some 2 million visitors per year. The Fox River, which flows through communities like Elgin and Aurora, empties into the Illinois in downtown Ottawa.

How big is Ottawa Illinois?

The town was laid out in 1830; its name derives from a Native American word meaning “to trade.” In 1834 Norwegian immigrants began arriving, and two years later the start of construction on the Illinois and Michigan Canal (opened 1848) brought Irish immigrants to the area and contributed to the city’s growth.

Is it safe to live in Ottawa Illinois?

Is Ottawa, IL Safe? The C+ grade means the rate of crime is about the same as the average US city. Ottawa is in the 53rd percentile for safety, meaning 47% of cities are safer and 53% of cities are more dangerous.

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Is Morris Il safe?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Morris is 1 in 50. Based on FBI crime data, Morris is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Illinois, Morris has a crime rate that is higher than 77% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

What is there to do in Ottawa IL today?

Top Attractions in Ottawa

  • Illinois Waterway Visitor Center. Visitor Centers.
  • Buffalo Rock State Park. 112.
  • Washington Square Park. Points of Interest & Landmarks • Parks.
  • Reddick Mansion and Gardens. Speciality Museums.
  • Ottawa Historical and Scouting Heritage Museum.
  • Starved Rock River Adventures.
  • Heritage Harbor.
  • Allen Park.

What does the word Ottawa mean?

The origin of the name “Ottawa” is derived from the Algonquin word adawe, meaning “to trade”. For centuries, Algonquin people have portaged through the waterways of both the Ottawa River and the Rideau River while passing through the area.

What township is Marseilles Il in?

Ottawa, Illinois: Statue of the Radium Girl On the northwest corner of Clinton and W. Jefferson Sts. Statue commemorates the local factory women who painted radium on wristwatch dials in the 1920s, and suffered the horrible effects of its potent radiation.

What is the zip code for Ottawa Illinois?


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