FAQ: Where Is Pawnee Illinois?

Is Pawnee close to Chicago?

Due to contiguous map size constraints in the open-world game, Pawnee is shown to be relatively close to Chicago; however, it is actually located nearer to the center of Illinois, far from Chicago.

What county is Pawnee Illinois?

Is Pawnee IL safe?

(WICS/WRSP) — A new study has ranked Pawnee, Illinois as one of the safest small towns in the United States. The study by SafeWise, ranked the 100 safest small towns across the country. To determine the safest towns, SafeWise looked at population, median income, violent crime rate, and property crime rate.

Is Pawnee real?

Pawnee, Indiana is the fictional setting for Parks and Recreation. It is located in south central Indiana, 90 miles from Indianapolis and 35 miles past Bloomington and is the state’s seventh-largest city. The map of Pawnee is actually a map of Muncie, Indiana, but turned upside down and flipped.

Who is a Pawnee?

: a member of an American Indian people originally of Kansas and Nebraska.

What city is Eagleton based on?

Eagleton, Indiana was a town that lies to the northwest of the city of Pawnee and has a population of 9,500. Shortly after Pawnee was founded in May of 1817, a group of the wealthiest and more prominent citizens, finding the soil untenable and the smell unpleasant, “evacuated” to the west and founded Eagleton.

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How big is Pawnee Indiana?

Pawnee is depicted as a typical mid-sized city in central Indiana, located in the fictional “Wamapoke County” about 90 miles from Indianapolis. Dialogue from the show and other officially licensed material suggest a population in the range of 60,000 to a little over 80,000.

What is the zip code for Pawnee Illinois?


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