FAQ: Who Is The Mayor Of Waukegan Illinois?

Who is the current mayor of Waukegan Illinois?

Mayor Ann B, Taylor is the first woman Mayor in the City of Waukegan, being sworn in on Monday, May 3rd.

How much does the mayor of Waukegan make?

How much does a Mayor make in Waukegan, Illinois? While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $385,250 and as low as $10,852, the majority of Mayor salaries currently range between $37,489 (25th percentile) to $345,294 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $374,891 annually in Waukegan.

Is Waukegan a part of Chicago?

Waukegan (/wɔːˈkiːɡən/) is the largest city in, and the county seat of Lake County, Illinois, United States. Located approximately halfway between Downtown Chicago and Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport, Waukegan is situated within the Chicago Metropolitan Area and classified as a satellite city of Chicago.

What is Waukegan IL known for?

Toward the middle of the nineteenth century, Waukegan became a thriving center of industry with enterprises that included ship and wagon building, flour milling, sheep raising, pork packing, and dairying. The most successful of these early Waukegan industries was the brewing of malt liquors.

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Is Waukegan poor?

The poverty rate in Waukegan is 17.8%. One out of every 5.6 residents of Waukegan lives in poverty. How many people in Waukegan, Illinois live in poverty? 15,298 of 86,031 Waukegan residents reported income levels below the poverty line in the last year.

What is the racial makeup of Waukegan Illinois?

Waukegan Demographics According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Waukegan was: White: 49.39% Other race: 23.94% Black or African American: 19.68%

How much does the mayor of Gurnee Illinois make?

If re-elected in April, Mayor Richard Welton will receive an annual salary of $12,000, which includes his compensation as village liquor commissioner.

How safe is Waukegan Illinois?

On a crime index, where 100 is the safest and 1 the most dangerous, Waukegan history ranks 17. It is safer than a mere 17% of the US cities. Property crimes are also around 1.09 times more than the overall national average and 1.36 times the state average for Illinois.

Is Chicago Northern Illinois?

Northern Illinois is dominated by the metropolitan areas of Chicago, the Quad Cities, and Rockford, which contain a majority (over 75%) of Illinois’ population and economic activity, including numerous Fortune 500 companies and a heavy manufacturing, commercial, retail, service, and office based economy.

Is Waukegan a good place to live?

Overall, Waukegan is a very diverse and well informed area. Waukegan is a very welcoming place, although it is still a city in progress it is a very nice town to be in. Waukegan is about 45 minutes from Chicago. There is a strong Latino population presence.

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How did Waukegan IL get its name?

The Town Gets Its Name Proud of the growth of their community and no longer wanting to be characterized as “little”, on March 31, 1849, the residents of Little Fort changed the name of their town to Waukegan, the Potawatomie word for “fort” or “trading post”.

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