Often asked: How Many Votes Did Trump Get In Illinois?

What percent of the vote did Trump get in Illinois in 2016?

Illinois has 20 votes in the Electoral College. Illinois was won by Clinton, who garnered 55.83% of the votes cast against Trump’s 38.76%, thus winning the state by a margin of 17.07%.

Is Illinois a blue state?

Political party strength in Illinois is highly dependent upon Cook County, and the state’s reputation as a blue state rests upon the fact that the majority of its population and political power is concentrated in Chicago, Cook County, and the Chicago metropolitan area.

Who won Indiana in 2016?

Trump won the state with 56.47% of the vote, while Clinton received 37.46%. Indiana is the home state of Pence, which was believed to have provided important assistance to the Trump campaign in what already would have been a Republican-leaning state.

Is Illinois a good place to live?

Still, Illinois is one of the better places to live in the country. The typical household in the state earns $62,992 a year, more than $2,500 higher than the U.S. median household income. Though the state’s annual unemployment rate of 5.0% is the sixth highest among states, it is improving relatively quickly.

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What is Illinois best known for?

16 Wicked Awesome Things Illinois Is Known For

  • Sports.
  • Farmland.
  • Nuclear Power.
  • The First McDonald’s.
  • Route 66. Pixabay/Steppinstars.
  • First to ratify the 13th Amendment. Wikipedia/Marx01.
  • Personalized license plates. Wikimedia Commons/Lieutenant Ramathorn.
  • Largest catsup bottle. Wikimedia Commons/Tristan Denyer.

What foods is Illinois famous for?

Here are ten foods that people in Illinois love and you should sample while you are here.

  • Italian Beef Sandwiches. Eugene Kim/Flickr.
  • Ranch dressing. Mike Mozart/Flickr.
  • Horseshoes. kosheahan/Flickr.
  • Corn. Aimee Steen/Flickr.
  • Deep dish pizza. Michael Saechang/Flickr.
  • Gyros. jeffreyw/Flickr.
  • Popcorn. Wesley Fryer/Flickr.
  • Hotdogs.

Who did Indiana vote for in 2020?

On the day of the election, most news organizations considered Indiana a state Trump would win, or a red state. Trump won Indiana by 57.1% to Biden’s 41%, a slight increase in his vote share from 2016, but with a reduction in his margin of victory.

How did Missouri vote in 2016 presidential election?

Missouri has 10 electoral votes in the Electoral College. Trump carried the state with 56.4% of the vote, while Clinton received 37.9%. Trump’s 18.5-point margin of victory in the state was almost double that of Mitt Romney’s from 2012.

How did Indiana vote in 2012?

Romney and Ryan carried Indiana with 54.1% of the popular vote to Obama’s and Biden’s 43.9%, thus winning the state’s 11 electoral votes. Indiana was one of just two states (along with North Carolina) which had been won by Obama in 2008 but which flipped to the Republicans in 2012.

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