Often asked: How To Get A Motorcycle License In Illinois?

Can you buy a motorcycle without a license in Illinois?

It is legal and possible to buy a motorcycle without a motorcycle license. Dealerships and private sellers don’t require you to show your motorcycle license during the purchase. It is, however, illegal to ride the motorcycle you purchased without having a motorcycle license.

What size motorcycle requires a license in Illinois?

Motorcycle driver’s licenses in Illinois are classified according to their type and weight. A motorcycle with less than 150cc displacement requires a Class L license. Any motorcycle with a motor-driven cycle requires a Class M license.

What happens if you get pulled over without a motorcycle license in Illinois?

In Illinois, driving without a valid license is a Class B misdemeanor offense. The potential penalties for this offense include up to 180 days in jail, and a maximum fine of $1500. Whether they are licensed or not, everyone has a privilege of operating a motor vehicle within the state borders of Illinois.

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What 2 things must motorcyclists in Illinois have on at all times?

Now, state law only requires the “operator of a motorcycle, motor driven cycle or moped and every passenger thereon shall be protected by glasses, goggles or a transparent shield.” Motorcycle riders and their passengers must wear either shatter-resistant eyewear, or be behind a windshield.

Can a child ride on a motorcycle in Illinois?

There are no age restrictions for motorcycle passengers in Illinois —a passenger can be any age. However, the motorcycle must be designed for two persons, including an appropriate seat and footrests for passenger use.

How many questions are on the Illinois motorcycle test?

There are 15 questions on the motorcycle permit test in Illinois, and you need 12 correct answers to pass.

How long does a motorcycle license last in Illinois?

A Class L or M permit is valid for 12 months for those over the age of 18 and 24 months for those who are younger.

Is the Illinois Motorcycle test hard?

Some riders have trouble passing the Illinois Motorcycle Riding test as given at the DMV. Of these riders, many are attempting the test on large bikes. However, the test is not so tough that it cannot be passed using any bike from a major manufacturer.

How many times can you take the Illinois Motorcycle permit test?

Illinois lets you retake the test the following day, but you only get three tries per year. If you fail the test a total of three times in a 12-month span, you’ll need to wait months before you can take it again.

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Do I need a motorcycle license for a 125cc scooter in Illinois?

Scooters require special licensing (Class M or L), but you can ride mopeds legally using any class of driver’s license. No license is required to operate a motorized bike. Helmets are not required in Illinois for moped, scooter or electric bicycle riders.

Do you need a motorcycle license to drive a trike in Illinois?

You must pass the regular written exam for motorcycles, then you must take and pass the skills test. If the skills test is taken on a three wheeler, then you will receive a J-11 restriction on your motorcycle license. This will allow operation of a three wheeled motorcycle only.

Are motorcycle Helmets required in Illinois?

Illinois law does not require motorcycle operators or passengers to wear helmets. The law does, however, require drivers and riders to protect their eyes with glasses, goggles, or a transparent shield.

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