Often asked: What To Do In Southern Illinois?

Where should I vacation in southern Illinois?

The scenic southern Illinois burg of Makanda nestles near the lush Shawnee National Forest.

  • Garden of the Gods, Shawnee National Forest. Photo: Courtesy of IOT.
  • Giant City State Park. Photo: John Noltner.
  • Shawnee Bluffs Canopy Tour.
  • Blue Sky Vineyard.
  • Owl Creek Vineyard.
  • Canoe Rentals.
  • Giant City Lodge.

What is Southern Illinois known for?

This region, which is the oldest in the state, was once the wealthiest region as well and is known for its rich history and antebellum architecture scattered throughout its small towns and cities. Today, Southern Illinois is quickly becoming known for its ever-growing wine country.

What is the southern tip of Illinois?

Cairo, Illinois At the southernmost point in Illinois, where the Mississippi River and Ohio River meet, the city of Cairo still stands today.

What cool things does Illinois have?

12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Illinois

  • Willis Tower Skydeck. Willis Tower.
  • Millennium Park & Cloud Gate. Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Millennium Park.
  • Magnificent Mile in Chicago.
  • Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.
  • Navy Pier.
  • Lincoln Park.
  • Anderson Japanese Gardens.
  • Starved Rock State Park.
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Is Southern Illinois hilly?

Geography. Thus, the geography of Southern Illinois is considerably more hilly and rocky than central or northern Illinois. Areas of Southern Illinois are more similar to the Ozarks than to central or northern Illinois.

Does Southern Illinois have a Southern accent?

I lived in Southern Illinois for several years, and down there the locals definitely have a southern accent – not deep south like Alabama or South Carolina, but it pretty much is the same as you would hear in Kentucky.

What is the most southern city in Illinois?

Cairo (/ˈkɛəroʊ/ KAIR-oh) is the southernmost city in the U.S. state of Illinois and the county seat of Alexander County. The city is located at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers.

Are there any mountains in Illinois?

Scales Mound, IL At 1,235 feet above sea level, Charles Mound is the highest natural point in Illinois. Located 11 miles north of the Mississippi River town of Galena, Charles Mound shines a light on the geological history of Illinois.

Why is Carbondale Illinois called Little Egypt?

The Carbondale area is referred to as “Little Egypt.” Theories about the nickname’s origins range from the region’s supplying grain to northern and central Illinois during an 1800’s famine, to comparing Illinois’ southern tip to Egypt’s Nile delta region.

What is the best time to visit Illinois?

BEST TIME TO TRAVEL Spring and Fall are best marked by cool weather with sunny, clear blue skies. Chicago, the largest city of Illinois, though beautiful throughout the year, is best for travel during the summer months. Rains are evenly distributed throughout the year with July and August being the wettest.

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What food is Illinois known for?

Here are ten foods that people in Illinois love and you should sample while you are here.

  • Italian Beef Sandwiches. Eugene Kim/Flickr.
  • Ranch dressing. Mike Mozart/Flickr.
  • Horseshoes. kosheahan/Flickr.
  • Corn. Aimee Steen/Flickr.
  • Deep dish pizza. Michael Saechang/Flickr.
  • Gyros. jeffreyw/Flickr.
  • Popcorn. Wesley Fryer/Flickr.
  • Hotdogs.

What is Illinois best known for?

16 Wicked Awesome Things Illinois Is Known For

  • Sports.
  • Farmland.
  • Nuclear Power.
  • The First McDonald’s.
  • Route 66. Pixabay/Steppinstars.
  • First to ratify the 13th Amendment. Wikipedia/Marx01.
  • Personalized license plates. Wikimedia Commons/Lieutenant Ramathorn.
  • Largest catsup bottle. Wikimedia Commons/Tristan Denyer.

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