Often asked: Where Is Elburn Illinois?

Is Elburn a Chicago suburb?

Elburn is a suburb of Chicago with a population of 5,629. Elburn is in Kane County.

Is Elburn IL safe?

Is Elburn, IL Safe? The A+ grade means the rate of crime is much lower than the average US city. Elburn is in the 97th percentile for safety, meaning 3% of cities are safer and 97% of cities are more dangerous.

What county is Elburn?

Named Blackberry Station when the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad built through the area in 1854, the village incorporated as Elburn in 1886. Once largely rural, the area’s population began rapidly expanding in the 1990s. The 2000 population was 2,756. Joslyn, R.

Is Elburn IL a good place to live?

Elburn is a great place to raise a family. Crime rates are very low, there are many parks, and almost everything is within walking distance.

What township is Elburn IL in?

ELBURN is located in Illinois, US. The ZIP Code for ELBURN is 60119.

What county is Saint Charles Illinois?

Kane County | City of St Charles, IL.

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