Often asked: Where Is Lanark Illinois?

How big is Lanark Illinois?

2,91 km²

What is the zip code for Lanark IL?

ZIP Code 5: 61046 – LANARK, IL. This is the detail page of ZIP Code 61046, including basic information of ZIP Code 61046, Full 9-digit ZIP Code list, Nearby ZIP Code, Demographic, Geographic and etc.

What is the cleanest lake in Illinois?

Lake Le Aqua Na Has The Clearest Water in Illinois.

What is the largest private lake in Illinois?

Lake Carroll is a man-made recreational lake located in Carroll County, Illinois. It was formed in 1974 by the damming of the east fork of the Plum River near the town of Lanark, Illinois. The earthen dam is owned and operated by the Lake Carroll Association. It is the largest private lake in the state of Illinois.

Can you swim in Lake Carroll?

Lake Carroll features Illinois’ largest private lake with nearly 640 acres open water for boating and water sports as well as many quiet bays and coves ideal for fishing, swimming, and relaxing.

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