Often asked: Where Is Pike County Illinois?

Is there public hunting land in Pike County Illinois?

“Pike County is a tremendous deer hunting destination with virtually no public access. This acquisition will give hunters an opportunity to pursue white-tails in Illinois’ deer capital,” Illinois Department of Natural Resources Director Marc Miller said.

What county is Pittsfield Illinois?

The city of Pittsfield is located in Pike County in west-central Illinois between the Illinois and Mississippi rivers (Figure 1.1). US Highway 54 (previously known as Illinois Route 107) runs through the middle of the city connecting it to Interstate 72 on the north (Figure 1.2).

Where can I catch northern pike in Illinois?

Some of the Best Illinois Northern Pike Fishing Lakes & Rivers

  • Crystal Lake.
  • Fox Chain of Lakes.
  • Bangs Lake.
  • Busse Lake.
  • McCullom Lake.
  • Newton Lake.
  • Spring Lake.
  • Fox River.

What restaurants are in Pittsfield Illinois?

Restaurants in Pittsfield, IL

  • Panda Chinese Restaurant. RestaurantsChinese RestaurantsAsian Restaurants.
  • Cardinal Inn. RestaurantsAmerican RestaurantsTake Out Restaurants.
  • Wing Street. RestaurantsAmerican Restaurants.
  • Nuccis Pasta House. RestaurantsItalian RestaurantsPizza.
  • Gianni’s Pizza.
  • Courtyard Cafe & Bakery.
  • Casey’s.
  • Maya.

How big is Pittsfield Illinois?

Pittsfield High School is a four year comprehensive public high school in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, United States. The school dates its founding to 1844. It is administered by the Pittsfield Public Schools district and is the oldest of the district’s two high schools.

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Where can I find public hunting land near me?

Start with your state wildlife agency website, which will usually have a page for public lands. Narrow your search down to your area of interest. Also try national forests, county lands, or regional parks. If nothing else, pick up the phone and reach out to your nearest agency office to get some feedback.

How do I find public land near me?

Visit www.recreation.gov to search for federal lands in your area. The site includes information about land managed by the National Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Land Reclamation. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service also administers millions of acres of public land.

Is there any public hunting land in Illinois?

As Illinois’ largest state park, Pyramid State Park also provides a large amount of huntable public hunting. Former strip-mine land reclaimed, Pyramid contains a number of lakes as well as timber and old field cropland. The huntable acres of the five units total 18,588 acres.

What is Pittsfield IL ZIP code?


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