Often asked: Where Is St Elmo Illinois?

Is St Elmo Illinois Safe?

Extremely safe. Night or day, it’s a very safe place.

How big is St elmo il?

Elmo has a total area of 0.974 square miles (2.52 km2), of which 0.95 square miles (2.46 km2) (or 97.54%) is land and 0.024 square miles (0.06 km2) (or 2.46%) is water.

Do people live in St elmo?

St Elmo is located about twenty minutes west of Nathrop, by Buena Vista. There are a few current residents living in town, as well as a couple businesses operating, including: St. Elmo General Store – Open May to Sept in town; souvenirs, antiques, cabin rental.

What is the zip code for St Elmo?


Why is St. Elmo a ghost town?

Elmo is a ghost town in Chaffee County, Colorado, United States. Founded in 1880, St. Nearly 2,000 people settled in this town when mining for gold and silver started. The mining industry started to decline in the early 1920s, and in 1922 the railroad discontinued service.

Can you buy an abandoned town?

It’s not easy to find ghost towns for sale. Nonetheless, it’s always possible to buy a huge property in such a place or near it.

Is the road to St. Elmo paved?

Located in the heart of the Sawatch Range, the road is 25.42km (15.8 miles) long. It’s a beautiful drive down a forest service road running east-west from U.S. Highway 285, on Nathrop, to St. Elmo, a ghost town. The road is mostly paved and turns to dirt above Alpine.

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