Question: What Is Illinois State Fish?

Why is the bluegill the state fish of Illinois?

In 1986, the bluegill, (Lepomis macrochirus,) was selected by school children as Illinois’ state fish. Its name comes from the bright blue gill covers found on many males.

What is Illinois State animal?

State Animal — White-tailed Deer: The white-tailed deer was selected the state animal by Illinois schoolchildren in 1980 and became official by law in 1982.

Are bluegill native to Illinois?

A member of the sunfish family, bluegill are found throughout Illinois. These fish are most abundant in clear lakes with lush aquatic vegetation, but bluegills can also be found in a variety of other habitats such as ponds and swamps.

Where is the best crappie fishing in Illinois?

Illinois’ Spring Crappie Hotspots


What is the state nickname of Illinois?

/: What is the state nickname of Illinois?

What is Illinois known for? Here are a few.

  • 9 things Illinois is known for. Illinois is one of the most populated states in the country, albeit getting smaller, according to recent U.S. Census results.
  • Chicago. This one is a no-brainer.
  • Lincoln.
  • Corruption.
  • Famous foods.
  • Farming.
  • Taxes.
  • More presidents: Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama and Ulysses Grant.
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What animal represents Indiana?

There is no state animal of Indiana, although the state does have other official emblems. The cardinal probably comes closest to being the state animal of Indiana, but technically, it is the state bird.

What are 5 facts about Illinois?

Illinois State Information

  • Capital: Springfield.
  • Population: 13 million.
  • Nickname: The Prairie State.
  • Key Cities: Chicago, Champaign, Peoria, Rockford, Springfield.
  • Postal Abbreviation: IL.
  • Major Industries: Service industry, manufacturing, agriculture, mining.
  • Size: 57,915 sq.
  • Lowest point: Mississippi River at 279 feet.

What crop is Illinois known for?

Illinois is a leading farm income state with corn as its most important crop. Most of the crop is sold as grain and livestock feed but corn is also processed to produce corn syrup, starch and fuel alcohol. Soybeans are the second most farm product, followed by hay, wheat, rye, oats and grain sorghum.

What number state is Illinois?

Illinois became the 21st state on December 3, 1818.

What is the flower of Illinois?

In 1907 Illinois schoolchildren voted to select the violet as the state flower and the native oak as state tree (other contenders for state flower were the wild rose and goldenrod). There are eight different species of blue-flowering violets in Illinois; the most common is the dooryard violet (Viola sororia).

Is it safe to eat fish from the Illinois River?

The IDPH website suggests a meal frequency of one per week or one per month for certain species. There is no known immediate health hazard from eating contaminated fish from any body of water in Illinois. The fish are collected by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and tested by IEPA.

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Do catfish live in Illinois?

In Illinois, the most common members are the channel catfish, flathead catfish, blue catfish and several species of bullheads. Virtually every body of water in Illinois contains at least one species of the catfish family. Some are stocked and others are reproduced naturally.

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