Question: Where Is Bartonville Illinois?

What county is Bartonville Illinois in?

Using the gauges above, which compare crime in Bartonville to other cities in the state and across the country, Bartonville is 16% safer than other cities of Illinois and 25% safer than other cities in the nation. Bartonville has a ranks below average in comparison to other cities in the country.

Is Bartonville a city?

Bartonville is a town in Denton County, Texas, United States. The population was 1,469 at the 2010 census.

What is Bartonville zip code?

History – Village of Bartonville. The area that is now Bartonville proper has been known by that name since at least 1878, when a Post Office was opened here and named in honor of W. C. H. Barton. The Barton family came to Central Illinois in 1829.

What county is Peoria IL in?

Peoria County

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