Question: Where Is Pana Illinois?

What county is Pana IL?

Pana /ˈpeɪnə/ is a city in Christian County, Illinois, United States. A small portion is in Shelby County. The population was 5,847 at the 2010 census.

What is Pana Illinois known for?

Pana came to be known as the City of Roses, coined by local newsmen, the Jordan Brothers. Many major florists and growers set up shop here. At one time, there were 109 greenhouses in Pana.

Does Pana Illinois have a Walmart?

The now vacant Walmart lot in Pana, Illinois. December 2018.

Is Pana Illinois a good place to live?

Pana is such a great small town! It’s a rural area where everybody knows each other. It has a great education system that offers many extra Curricular activities. Any time there was an event going on in town everyone in town would come together to support each other.

What is Pana IL ZIP code?

Pana can be as simple as saying “friend,” or describing someone as “friendly.” Ex: “He’s super pana.”

When did PANA Walmart close?

Pana Walmart’s final day will be Oct. 12. a total of 85 employees work at the store and will be offered the opportunity to relocate to another local store. The Walmart opened in 1983, prior to the current Super Center format.

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