Quick Answer: How Many State Parks In Illinois?

What is the largest state park in Illinois?

At 8,000 acres, Pere Marquette State Park is the largest state park in Illinois. Go hiking on wooded trails, biking along scenic bluffs, fishing and boating on the Illinois River, or horseback riding through the forest.

Which state has the most state parks?

Which States Have the Most State Parks? California has the most state parks in the country, with 270. There are a total of 3,729 state parks in the United States, with 11 states having more than 100 state parks each.

What is the name of Illinois State Park?

Starved Rock State Park is a world apart from anything else in Illinois!

What is the most popular state park in Illinois?

Slideshow: 10 most popular state parks in Illinois

  • Fort Massac State Park, 1.38 million visitors.
  • Clinton Lake State Recreation Area, 1.34 million visitors.
  • Hennepin Canal State Trail, 1.27 million visitors.
  • Illinois Beach State Park, 1.2 million visitors.
  • Rock Cut State Park, 1 million visitors.
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What is the most beautiful park in Illinois?

Arguably the most beautiful state park destination in Illinois, Starved Rock State Park features eighteen canyons of sandstone bluffs that were formed by ancient glacial meltwater.

Has anyone died at Starved Rock?

The LaSalle County coroner on Monday identified the three men who died after apparently igniting an explosive powder near northern Illinois’ Starved Rock State Park. The victims were Immer Rivera Tejada, 39, Guillermo Rivera Tejada, 26, and Rafael Rivera Tejada, 36, all of Chicago, according to WREX in Rockford.

What 5 states have no National Parks?

States without National Parks are: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho (see above,) Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Which states have free state parks?

For a lucky few that live in Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, there is no need to even pay for an annual state park pass. All these states offer free entrance to their state parks making a state park pass meaningless and all the more reason to get out and visit them.

What state has the oldest state park system?

The first state park was conceived in California in 1862. Captain Israel Ward Raymond and California’s U. S. Senator John Conness wanted to have natural land areas at Yosemite set aside purely for the purpose of preservation and public enjoyment.

Are Illinois state parks free?

Do Illinois State Parks require a daily or annual entrance fee? No. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources does not charge an Entrance Fee to any state owned or operated land with the exception of Wildlife Prairie Park and sites with beaches.

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What is the highest point in Illinois?

At 1,235 feet above sea level, Charles Mound is the highest natural point in Illinois.

What is the capital city of Illinois?

Springfield continues to serve as the state capital. Shortly after the vote, on April 15, 1837, Lincoln moved to Springfield and joined the law firm of John Todd Stuart.

Which is better Starved Rock or Matthiessen State Park?

Even if Starved Rock is open, Matthiessen is worth checking out as a great destination. Matthiessen isn’t nearly as large as Starved Rock, but it has some great features, including easy trails, waterfalls, and pretty amazing geologic formations, but without the crowds that are often found at Starved Rock.

Is Starved Rock State Park free?

A: There is no entrance fee to enter the park or for parking. Parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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