Quick Answer: Where Does Michael Jordan Live In Illinois?

Where is Michael Jordan’s main residence?

Michael Jordan’s Chicago Home – Legend Point at 2700 Point Drive, Highland Park, IL, USA. Main Residence: 32,683 sq. ft.

Where was Michael Jordan House in Chicago?

The basketball icon’s Highland Park, Illinois home was recently re-listed for $14.9 million (roughly half its original $29 million ask price). On the market since 2012, 2700 Point Lane has attracted some renewed interest following ESPN’s critically-acclaimed Michael Jordan documentary.

Did MJ house sell?

One year after placing the home on the market, Jordan dropped the price to $21 million, then re-listed it again that year for $16 million, before ultimately settling on $14.8 million in 2015.

Why are Michael Jordan’s eyes so yellow?

Two potential conditions flagged by Dr. Plua that can cause yellow eyes like Jordan’s are jaundice and pinguecula (the latter is defined by VICE as a benign growth).

Does Michael Jordan still live in his Chicago house?

Michael Jordan’s Home Is ‘Cribs’-Worthy And no, he doesn’t live in Chicago anymore.

Why can’t MJ sell his house?

Probably the biggest reason the property, which includes an indoor tennis court, custom basketball court, movie theater, cigar room, poker room and wine cellar, has never sold is the high level of customization that is present in the house, which includes the No. 23 welded onto the front gate.

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Who has the biggest house in the world?

Biggest House in the World: Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia, India The home can withstand an earthquake of 8 magnitudes and can accommodate 168 cars, owned by the Ambani family.

What is Scottie Pippen worth?

As of 2021, Scottie Pippen’s net worth is roughly $20 million. Scottie Pippen is an American former NBA basketball player who played a total of 17 seasons in the NBA. He has won six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls.

Who was Michael Jordan’s wife?

Michael Jordan’s Wife Yvette Prieto The NBA legend’s current wife, model Yvette Prieto, is Cuban and grew up in Miami, where she was a successful model for designers like Alexander Wang. She was born in 1979, making her some 16 years younger than the 58-year-old basketball legend.

What is Michael Jordan’s net worth?

Michael Jordan is considered the greatest NBA player of all time. He’s also the richest former professional athlete in the world with a net worth of $1.6 billion.

Who is Michael Jordan’s best friend?

According to Republic World, Jordan’s best friend is his personal assistant, George Koehler. Koehler is a former limo driver who struck up a relationship with the Hall of Famer (more on that below).

What age did Jordan retire?

Born on 17th February 1963, Michael Jordan made his NBA debut at the age of 21 during the 1984-85 NBA season. After ten successful seasons with Chicago Bulls where he won the NBA championship a total of three times, Michal Jordan announced his retirement from basketball on 6th October, 1993, at the age of 32.

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