Quick Answer: Where To Hunt In Illinois?

Where is the best deer hunting in Illinois?

Best Deer Hunting Areas in Illinois

  • Calhoun County — 9.8 deer killed per square mile.
  • Pike County — 9.1.
  • Brown County — 8.0.
  • Pope County — 7.6.
  • Hardin County — 7.3.
  • Jefferson County — 7.1.
  • Johnson County — 6.8.
  • Williamson — 6.5.

Where can you hunt deer in Illinois?

A number of good deer hunting areas lie in northwest Illinois. Most are found along the Illinois River and its feeder creeks. Deer hunters in Fulton County, downriver from Peoria, posted the second-best county-by-county deer harvest last year, with 4,014 deer harvested.

Where can I hunt public land in Illinois?

As Illinois ‘ largest state park, Pyramid State Park also provides a large amount of huntable public hunting. Former strip-mine land reclaimed, Pyramid contains a number of lakes as well as timber and old field cropland. The huntable acres of the five units total 18,588 acres.

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Is there good hunting in Illinois?

A short firearm season, ample tags and a wealth of quality whitetail habitat make Illinois one of the most popular bowhunting destinations in the country. For decades hunters have flocked to the Golden Triangle region (Pike, Brown and Adams counties in hopes of bagging trophy deer.

How much does it cost to deer hunt in Illinois?

For residents a standard base license is $12.50. Resident senior is for ages 65-75 and only costs $6.50. If you’re over the age of 76, good news: a base license is only $1.50! For youth, a base license is $7.50, but you also have the option of purchasing an “Apprentice” license for the same price.

Can I hunt on my own property in Illinois?

Where can I hunt deer in Illinois? Hunting is also allowed on private property IF you have received prior permission from the landowner or tenant. IDNR has a Land Access Permission Card to facilitate this approval. “Property Only Hunting” permits are available to landowners who meet the requirements.

Do you need a FOID card to hunt Illinois?

In general, anyone wishing to hunt in Illinois is required to purchase a hunting license. Hunters wishing to use firearms need to obtain a Firearm Owner Identification Card (FOID) from the Illinois State Police.

Is Illinois a good deer hunting state?

Overall, there is a lot of good deer hunting in Illinois. You just might have to pay a little more for it. Plus, if you can find access to private land, chances are good it’ll be a honey hole. The Illinois DNR does a phenomenal job managing its herd.

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Can you put trail cameras on public land in Illinois?

Trail cameras can now be placed on lands owned by the DNR that are open to hunting. Hunting is allowed on DNR land and it is not a designated special use zone.

Where can I find public hunting land near me?

Start with your state wildlife agency website, which will usually have a page for public lands. Narrow your search down to your area of interest. Also try national forests, county lands, or regional parks. If nothing else, pick up the phone and reach out to your nearest agency office to get some feedback.

How do I find public land near me?

Visit www.recreation.gov to search for federal lands in your area. The site includes information about land managed by the National Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Land Reclamation. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service also administers millions of acres of public land.

What is a legal buck in Illinois?

During the period October 1 – October 15, only antlered deer may be harvested in the Restricted Archery Zone, regardless of permits in possession. An antlered deer is defined as a deer having at least one antler of a length of 3 or more inches.

Is there rifle hunting in Illinois?

Illinois General Assembly – Bill Status for HB2783. Amends the Wildlife Code. Permits hunting with a rifle for the taking of deer. Provides that notwithstanding any provision of the Code, it is unlawful to take a deer with a rifle in a county of the State with a population of 500,000 or more.

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