Quick Answer: Who Is Illinois Secretary Of State?

Who is the current IL Secretary of State?

Jesse White is Illinois’ 37th Secretary of State.

Is Jesse White still Secretary of State?

Jesse Clark White (born June 23, 1934) is an American educator, politician and former athlete from the State of Illinois. A member of the Democratic Party, he has served as the 37th Secretary of State of Illinois since 1999. He is the longest-serving and the first African American to hold this position.

How do I contact Jesse White?

The contact number of Jesse White Secretary State is 800-252-8980, 217-785-3000.

How long has Jesse White been Secretary of State?

Yes. The renewal letter is not required to renew a driver’s license. The license may be renewed up to one year before the expiration date. How can I renew my Illinois driver’s license while I am temporarily out-of-state?

What is the job of the Illinois secretary of state?

The Illinois Secretary of State keeps the state records, laws, library, and archives, and is the state’s corporation registration, vehicle registration and driver licensing authority. The current Secretary of State is Jesse White, a Democrat who took office in 1999.

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Can I check my drivers license status online Illinois?

If an applicant does not receive their new permanent driver’s license or state ID after 15 business days of visiting a facility, they can check the status online or call 217-782-7044.

What documents are needed for Illinois driver’s license?

To receive an Illinois driver’s license/ID card, you must provide acceptable forms of identification to prove your legal name, date of birth, Social Security number, residency and signature.

What do I need to renew my license Chicago?

Plan of Action:

  1. Apply in person on a walk-in basis at a Secretary of State Facility.
  2. Complete an application form (available at a Facility).
  3. Pass a vision test.
  4. Present your current driver’s license to verify your identity.
  5. Have your picture taken.
  6. Pay the renewal fee based on your age:

How do I speak to someone at Secretary of State Illinois?

If you need further information, please contact the Secretary of State’s office by phone at 800-252-8980 (Illinois only) or by completing the Driver’s License contact form or the Title and Registration contact form.

How do I contact the secretary of state in Illinois?

Contacting the Illinois SOS Department To contact the main office by phone from inside Illinois call (800) 252-8980. To reach the Illinois SOS office from outside the state, call (217) 785-3000. The mailing address for the Illinois SOS main office is 213 State Capitol, Springfield, IL 62756.

How do I contact my local DMV?

Our Telephone Service Center can assist with general DMV information at 1-800-777-0133. DMV’s Interactive Voice Response System at 1-800-777-0133 is also available for registration renewals.

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Is Jesse White still alive?

On January 9, 1997, White died from a heart attack following surgery, six days after his 80th birthday. He is interred at Mount Sinai Memorial Park in Los Angeles.

Who is the current lieutenant governor of Illinois?

Juliana Stratton, Lt. Governor.

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