Readers ask: Where Is Madison Illinois?

Is Madison Illinois Safe?

Is Madison, IL Safe? The D- grade means the rate of crime is much higher than the average US city. Madison is in the 12th percentile for safety, meaning 88% of cities are safer and 12% of cities are more dangerous.

What cities are included in Madison County Illinois?


  • Alton.
  • Collinsville (partly in St. Clair County )
  • Edwardsville.
  • Fairmont City.
  • Granite City.
  • Highland.
  • Madison.
  • Troy.

Is there a town called Madison in Illinois?

Madison is a city in Madison and St. Clair counties in the U.S. state of Illinois. The population was 3,891 at the 2010 census.

How big is Madison Illinois?

45,4 km²

What region in Illinois is Madison County?

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) today announced Region 4 (Bond, Clinton, Madison, Monroe, Randolph, St.

Which is Granite City?

The famous ‘Granite Mile’ of Union Street, where Aberdeen earns its nickname ‘The Granite City’. (Source: Bob Shand) Aberdeen owes its distinctive appearance to the local grey granite that many of the buildings are made from, giving it the nickname ‘Granite City’ or the ‘Grey City’.

What county is Edwardsville IL in?

Madison County

Where are the bridges of Madison County?

Where are the Bridges of Madison County? The bridges are located in Madison County Iowa, and the largest town in the county is Winterset, Iowa. The bridges are located all around this town, most on rural roads. Winterset is located about 30 miles southwest of Des Moines.

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