Readers ask: Which Of The 50 States Are Larger Than Illinois?

Is Kansas bigger than Illinois?

Kansas is about 1.5 times bigger than Illinois. Illinois is approximately 143,961 sq km, while Kansas is approximately 211,900 sq km, making Kansas 47% larger than Illinois. Meanwhile, the population of Illinois is ~12.8 million people (10.0 million fewer people live in Kansas).

Is California or Texas Bigger?

Texas is bigger than California, making it the largest state of the 48 contiguous states, but measured by population, the rankings are reversed. California is the most populous state with 39,776,830 residents, according to 2017 U.S. Census estimates, while Texas had a population of 28,704,330.

Is Illinois bigger than New York?

Illinois is about 1.2 times bigger than New York. New York is approximately 122,283 sq km, while Illinois is approximately 143,961 sq km, making Illinois 18% larger than New York.

What is the 2nd biggest state in the US?

Texas is the second largest state in the United States by both land area and population. It is located in the south central region of the country with Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico along its southern border.

What is the longest state?

The longest state in the United States of America is Alaska, which is approximately 1,400 miles by 2,700 miles.

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What are the 10 smallest states?

The total area includes land area as well as water area.

  • Rhode Island ( 1,544.89 sq. miles)
  • Delaware ( 2,488.72 sq. miles)
  • Connecticut ( 5,543.41 sq. miles)
  • New Jersey (8,722.58 sq. miles)
  • New Hampshire (9,349.2 sq. miles)
  • Vermont (9,616.4 sq. miles)
  • Massachusetts (10,554 sq. miles)
  • Hawaii (10,931 sq. miles)

Is it cheaper to live in Wyoming or Colorado?

2020 Cost of Living Calculator – Sperling’s BestPlaces – Overall, Cheyenne, Wyoming is 22.6% cheaper than Denver, Colorado – Median Home Cost is the biggest factor in the cost of living difference.

Is Florida bigger than England?

United Kingdom is about 1.7 times bigger than Florida. Florida is approximately 139,670 sq km, while United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, making United Kingdom 74% larger than Florida. Meanwhile, the population of Florida is ~18.8 million people (47.0 million more people live in United Kingdom).

Is living in Texas better than California?

The cost of living in Texas is significantly lower. California is 31.4% more expensive than Texas so a large section of the population won’t be able to save money in CA. California residents on average have to pay 28.1% more for groceries, 33.1% more for transportation, 47.2% more for childcare, and 14.1% more for

Is Texas a good place to live?

Texas ranks among the fastest-growing states in the US, and for a good reason. An affordable cost of living, temperate weather, promising job market, and plenty to see and do makes Texas a win for newcomers. Before you pack up and move to some of the best places in Texas, learn more about the Lone Star State.

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