Readers ask: Who Is The Attorney General Of Illinois?

Who is the attorney general of Illinois now?

Attorney General Kwame Raoul (Democrat) was sworn in as the 42nd Attorney General of Illinois in January 2019.

Who is the attorney general of Illinois and what does he do?

The Attorney General is the state’s chief legal officer and is responsible for protecting the public interest of the state and its people. Litigate to ensure state laws are followed and respected. The Attorney General provides services that cover a broad range of issues, reaching every corner of Illinois.

Who is attorney general of Chicago?

Black & Powerful: Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul In a personal one-on-one interview, Raoul spoke about his upbringing in Chicago, his professional journey and how his father played an influential role in his work ethic.

What does the Illinois Attorney General stand for?

As the chief legal officer of the State, the Attorney General has the constitutional duty of acting as legal adviser to and legal representative of State agencies. The Office of Attorney General first came into existence at the admission of the State of Illinois to the Union on December 3, 1818.

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How do you serve the Illinois Attorney General?

You can contact our office by calling 312-814-1176. or sending mail via U.S. Postal Service to: I’m sorry but your internet browser has JavaScript disabled.

Who is the present Attorney General of the United States?

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland was sworn in as the 86th Attorney General of the United States on March 11, 2021. 1

Who is Illinois Governor?

Governor JB Pritzker was sworn in as the 43rd governor of the state of Illinois on January 14, 2019 and won election with the largest margin of victory over a sitting governor in more than a century.

Does Illinois have a solicitor general?

From the Illinois Attorney General’s website: Attorney General Lisa Madigan today announced that she has appointed Carolyn Shapiro to serve as the new Solicitor General in the Office of the Attorney General.

What 3 offices must all counties in the State of Illinois elect?

(c) Each county shall elect a sheriff, county clerk and treasurer and may elect or appoint a coroner, recorder, assessor, auditor and such other officers as provided by law or by county ordinance.

How many attorney generals are there in Illinois?

There have been 42 Illinois attorneys general general since 1819.

Who is Jesse White in Illinois?

Jesse Clark White (born June 23, 1934) is an American educator, politician and former athlete from the State of Illinois. A member of the Democratic Party, he has served as the 37th Secretary of State of Illinois since 1999. He is the longest-serving and the first African American to hold this position.

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What is the title of the states top legal officer in Illinois?

The Attorney General is the state’s chief legal officer and is responsible for protecting the public interest of the state and its people. The Lieutenant Governor of Illinois handles a variety of responsibilities which have been delegated to the office via statute.

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