Readers ask: Who Is The Treasurer Of Illinois?

Who is the current Illinois treasurer?

The current officeholder is Mike Frerichs, a Democrat first elected in 2014. Frerichs previously served in the Illinois State Senate, representing District 52 from 2007 to 2015. He was sworn in as state treasurer on January 12, 2015, succeeding Republican Dan Rutherford in the office.

What is Illinois treasurer Unclaimed Property?

Unclaimed Property Page. The State Treasurer is holding more than 3.5 billion dollars in unclaimed funds for Illinoisans. The State holds these lost funds until they are claimed by either the original owner or their heirs. Property is returned at no cost with the proper identification.

What is the responsibility of the state treasurer?

The state treasurer serves as the chief custodian of each state’s treasury and as the state’s head banker. Typically, they receive and deposit state monies, manages investments, and keeps track of budget surpluses and deficits.

How do I send unclaimed money to Illinois?

You can contact the Illinois unclaimed funds division at 800 961-8303.

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What are the duties of the Illinois Comptroller?

The comptroller’s main duties include maintaining the state’s fiscal accounts, ordering payments into the treasury and issuing warrants against any funds held by the treasurer. The specific duties of the comptroller are outlined in Article V, Section 17 of the Illinois Constitution.

Can I claim someone else unclaimed money?

If you have completed a search for unclaimed money and found money held in a deceased person( s ) name, you can make a claim for money that you are legally entitled to.

What is the best website to find unclaimed money?

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators’ website is an excellent resource. This association consists of state officials charged with the responsibility of reuniting lost owners with their unclaimed property.

How long does Illinois hold unclaimed property?

Generally, the Illinois Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act (IRUUPA) changes the dormancy periods from five years to three years for most property types.

What does a treasurer do for kids?

A group treasurer is responsible for managing the group’s funds. In the process of holding this officer position, youth can gain a variety of life skills including responsibility, record-keeping, planning and organizing, and decision making.

What government position served as a treasurer?

Since state treasurers are elected, they regularly have political experience. Treasurer Bill Lockyer of California served as the state attorney general and as state senator before running for treasurer. For others, the state treasurer’s office is a stepping stone to higher political ground: Current U.S. Sen.

What does California state treasurer do?

The Treasurer of the State of California is an elected state executive office in the government of California. The treasurer acts as the chief investment officer, banker, and financier of the state government and is responsible for managing the state’s pooled money investment account.

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Why did I get a check from the Illinois state comptroller?

1 attorney answer The State intercepted some payment you were due in order to satisfy a debt you owed to the State, and it was either in error, or as is common, the agency to whom you owed the debt failed to verify it

How do I claim uncashed checks?

Unclaimed property can include uncashed checks, wages, stocks, safe deposit boxes and insurance benefits, among other personal valuables. Residents and business owners can search the database and submit a claim at or by calling 800-992-4647.

How do I claim money from a deceased relative?

When the bank is unable to contact any relatives of the deceased person, the government takes over the money, regardless of the amount. If you want to claim the money left from your deceased relative’s bank account, you will need to provide a death certificate and identification to prove family ties.

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