What Is Illinois State Motto?

What is the Illinois state motto and what does it mean?

President Lincoln put “State Sovereignty, National Unity” into action to preserve the Union. The state motto of Illinois is “ State Sovereignty, National Union.” Although the phrase seems simple and straightforward, at the time of its adoption it had a very potent symbolic meaning for Illinois and for the US.

Which is not included in the state motto for Illinois?

Like many state mottoes, the Illinois state motto, State Sovereignty – National Union, was not approved as Illinois official state motto, but rather, was adopted as an element of the State Seal in 1818. These words, “State Sovereignty; National Union,” were inscribed on the original state seal adopted in 1818.

What is the lowest point of Illinois?

The Mississippi River at Cairo, Illinois is the lowest point, at 279 feet (85 m). Average elevation is 600 feet (180 m) above sea level.

Who chose the Illinois state fish?

State Fish — Bluegill: The state fish was selected by schoolchildren in 1986. A member of the sunfish family, the colorful bluegill reaches only 9 inches in length and weighs an average of 14 ounces, but it has a reputation as one of the best fighting game fish.

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What are the five states that border Illinois?

In addition to Wisconsin, the state borders Lake Michigan to the northeast, Indiana to the east, Kentucky to the southeast, Missouri to the west, and Iowa to the northwest. Illinois was named for the Illinois Indians. The capital is Springfield, in the west-central part of the state.

What are the two major revenue sources in Illinois?

As shown in Figure 1, the Federal Government is the largest single source of revenue for the State of Illinois, due in large part to programs such as Medicaid that are jointly funded between the state and federal government. Income tax and sales tax are also large parts of the state’s revenue stream.

What is Illinois most popular nickname?


  • The Prairie State. This familiar nickname for Illinois dates back at least as far as 1842.
  • Land of Lincoln. This name refers to Illinois as the state where Abraham Lincoln began his political career.
  • The Corn State.
  • The Garden of the West.
  • The Sucker State.
  • Egypt.

What is Indiana nickname?

The Hoosier State

What is the flower of Illinois?

In 1907 Illinois schoolchildren voted to select the violet as the state flower and the native oak as state tree (other contenders for state flower were the wild rose and goldenrod). There are eight different species of blue-flowering violets in Illinois; the most common is the dooryard violet (Viola sororia).

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