Where Is Big Rock Illinois?

What county is Big Rock Illinois?

“The Big Rock is an area of hard bottom situated approx. 35 miles southeast of Morehead City. The structure’s location along the continental shelf in 180 to 500 ft. of water is unique since it is generally in the gulf stream current.

Is there a city called Big Rock?

America has the highest number of places called Big Rock, spread accross 21 regions. The majority of the cities named Big Rock can be found above the equator. The northern most place is in the region Alaska in America. The southern most place is in the region Southland in New Zealand.

What is the zip code for Big Rock Illinois?

That’s where they’ll find the “Big Rock,” a fishing hot spot with water depth ranging from 180 to 500 feet.

Why is it called the Big Rock?

“ It’s where the cold water from the Labrador Current and the warm water of the Gulf Stream meet,” said Gregory. This makes it a haven for small fish. “Of course, they attract the larger game fish and the blue marlin. So, that’s why everybody goes fishing at the Big Rock,” Gregory continued to say.

What is the largest known erratic in the world?

Okotoks Erratic, situated 7 km west of Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, is a supreme example of a glacial erratic. Commonly known as Big Rock, this quartzite boulder is the world’s largest known glacial erratic at 16,500 metric tons.

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