Where Is Effingham Illinois?

What county is Effingham Illinois in?

Is Effingham in Illinois or Indiana?

Effingham is a city in and the county seat of Effingham County, Illinois, United States. Effingham is in South Central Illinois. Its population was 12,511 at the 2019 census estimate.

What is Effingham IL known for?

Effingham is known as the “Crossroads of Opportunity.” With fascinating museums, beautiful recreation areas, and unique art attractions, there are plenty of opportunities for a good time in this central Illinois town.

Is Effingham Illinois Safe?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Effingham is 1 in 32. Based on FBI crime data, Effingham is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Illinois, Effingham has a crime rate that is higher than 90% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

Is Effingham a good place to live?

Overall a nice safe, clean community. Effingham Illinois is a diverse and interesting community. There are many options for restaurants and hotels, as well as a safe and prospering school district. The downtown area is full of boutiques and shops.

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How did teutopolis il get its name?

History. Teutopolis, “City of the Teutons”, or Germans, was established in 1839 along the National Road, now U.S. Route 40. It is the only town in the United States with this name. They settled first in Cincinnati, then the gateway to the west for German Catholics.

Who is Effingham named after?

The county was named for Thomas Howard, the third earl of Effingham, who championed the cause of the colonies in the years leading to the American Revolution (1775-83).

What is the zip code for Effingham IL?

Early Origins of the Effingham family 972 and literally meant “homestead of the family or followers of a man called Eofor,” from the Old English personal name + “-inga” + “ham.” By the time of the Domesday Book in 1086 the parish was known Evringham.

When was Effingham IL founded?

History. Effingham was first settled in 1814, and was known from then until 1859 as Broughton. On April 4, 1949, St. Anthony’s hospital caught fire and burned to the ground, killing 74 people.

What is there to do in Effingham today?


  • Cross at the Crossroads. Address:Pike Ave.
  • Dr. Charles M.
  • Effing Brew Company. Address:221 W.
  • Effingham Axe Throwing. Address:306 S.
  • Effingham County Courthouse Museum. Address:Jefferson Ave Exit 159.
  • Effingham County Veteran’s Memorial. Address:Jefferson Ave Exit 159.
  • Effingham Performance Center.
  • Firefly Grill.

Does Effingham have a mall?

Village Square Mall details Location: Effingham, Illinois, 1908 S Banker St, Effingham, Illinois – IL 62401. Don’t miss rate the mall.

What is there to do in Salem Illinois?

Things To Do in Salem, IL

  • Williams Jennings Bryan Birthplace Museum. Museums.
  • Idyllwood Entertainment Center.
  • Sam Dale Lake Ranger & Camper.
  • Ingram’s Pioneer Log Cabin Village.
  • Maniac Massacre Haunted Attraction.
  • Centralia Area Historical Society.
  • American Obstacle Inc.

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